Sister Rosa

Sister Rosa Alvarez is universally regarded as an angel to the Hispanic immigrants in Deleware’s Sussex County. She helped found La Esperanza in 1996, primarily to provide support to the increasing number of immigrant workers arriving in Sussex County from Mexico and Guatemala.

After doing extensive work with the homeless in Washington, DC, and winning numerous awards, Sister Rosa with other Carmelite Sisters opened La Esperanza (The Hope) in Georgetown in 1995. She has dedicated the last two decades to insuring that pregnant mothers and their children receive the health care they deserve. Her work involves arranging hospitalization, intervening with Medicaid, translating documents, filling out birth certificates or just accompanying a concerned client to unfamiliar state and federal offices. She has helped deliver over 400 babies since her arrival in Georgetown and has organized a parenting course for new parents as well.

Sister Rosa, working tirelessly for her flock, is always on the go. As one of her admirers points out, “the needy do not keep regular hours.”

The SistersIn 2011 Sister Rosa and her Georgetown Carmelite colleagues Sister Ascenscion and Sister Maria were recipients of the Delaware Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Award.

The Sisters receive their award for community service from Delaware Gov. Jack Markell. The Sisters, known individually as Sister Rosa Alvarez, Sister Ascension Banegas and Sister Maria Mairlot, are an integral part of the Hispanic community in Sussex County. They work they began almost two decades ago has resulted in the establishment of La Esperanza Community Center, La Red Health Clinic and Gardenia House, a shelter for Hispanic women and children, many of whom are victims of domestic abuse. Shown are (l-r) Sister Ascension Banegas, Governor Jack Markell, Sister Maria Mairlot and Sister Rosa Alverez.

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