How to Donate

Contributions are gratefully accepted and play an important part in maintaining the well-being of Gardenia House.


Contributions go into the operating fund and endowment of Gardenia House. They are used to finance the support of the house and its residents. This can range from maintaining the up-keep of the facilities and grounds to providing clothing, food or other necessities on an emergency basis.

The management of the Foundation is conducted entirely through voluntary efforts. No administrative salary or payments are made. All contributions are channeled directly to serve the needs of the residents.

Donations qualify as charitable tax deductions (Gardenia House is an IRS sanctioned 501 (c) (3), EIN 26-0142468). Donors are sent confirmation of their gifts, with inclusion of the Foundation’s charitable status for their records.

Contributions can be addressed to:

Gardenia House Foundation
4711 Rodman Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016(202) 415-0210
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